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Spring Into Summer: Get Your Property Summer Ready

Tips for Getting Your Property Ready for the Summer

Warmer weather means your residents will be enjoying the outdoors more. What will outdoor life look like with COVID-19? Check out the list below for tips on how to prep your community for summer with local guidelines linked. Be on the lookout for more in-depth blogs covering some of the tips listed below.

Pool Safety and Preparation - Some pools have opened up and others won’t be opening this season.

  • Update and set rules for pool use. Clearly communicate the guidelines to your residents to ensure safety of everyone who uses the pool. Address pool passes, guests, pool toys, food and drink policy, and pool etiquette. 
  • Get the pool cleaned and primed for summertime. If there is a lifeguard, make sure they have the proper training and certifications to be a lifeguard. (First Aid, CPR, etc). 
  • Check with the insurance company about pool insurance and pool injury liabilities.

Barbecues - Summer weather means more outside gathering around fire pits and barbecues. Are your residents being safe and courteous to their neighbors?

  • Fill propane tanks if your community uses them. Clean the BBQ grills and check them for rust or decay. Place a safety sign and guidelines on how to use the BBQ grills in a visible area to residents. Communicate the use of the grills to residents.

Pet Policy - Dog walks and visits to the dog park are more common in the summer, which means now is a good time to send out a reminder to residents.

  • Talk about pet registration, nuisance behavior, proper pet waste disposal, dog park rules, and other tips to ensure a safe and happy animal.

Air Conditioner - With warmer weather comes more calls about the A/C within your building.

  • Have your A/C units been checked in the last year? Hire a professional to check the unit, clean coils, adjust dampers, and look for any other potential problems.

Fire Readiness - This is the time to prep your community for high heat weather and fire dangers that can come with it.

  • Outside bushes and trees should be trimmed and dead plants removed by landscapers. Make sure any grills are properly ventilated and positioned away from buildings. Send a quick note to tenants if they have personal grills to keep them away from buildings and well-ventilated. Check with local laws about fire extinguishers in homes.

For more specific information regarding health and safety in your state check out these reference links below.

Maryland Department of Health 

Virginia Department of Health