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Cardinal is a community management company founded in 1987. We take pride in the communities we serve by offering tailored management solutions that fit your needs.


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Here's what we do

Administrative Management, Contract Administration and Negotiations, Covenants Enforcement, Education & Training, Financial Management and Reporting, Preventative Maintenance Planning, Annual Planning, Budget Preparation, Site Evaluations, Board & Annual Meeting Preparation & Attendance, Resale Disclosure Preparation, Work Order Administration, Resident Communication Solutions.

Full Service Community Management

We provide community management solutions that fit your community's needs.
Accurate & timely reporting of all aspects of financial management including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, bank reconciliation, general ledger and financial statement preparation, budget preparation, Resale Disclosure Preparation, Annual or Budget meeting attendance.

*Financial Only Plus - this package is customizable to fit the needs of your community where you need a hybrid of full service & financial only services.

Financial Only

Need help managing the finances of your community, we have innovative solutions!
Administrative & Financial Management & Reporting, Board Meeting Preparation & Attendance, Contract Administration & Negotiations and Building Maintenance Solutions.


For our clients that have commercial needs, we offer full service management.



Our management style is flexible and customized to fit individual client needs.

As a full-service community management company Cardinal Management Group, Inc. provides outstanding service at competitive prices.

Our unique ability to provide a customized, hands-on, proactive approach to the management of a multitude of community associations is what sets Cardinal apart.

Digital Online Services

We understand that every community has their own goals and challenges; our digital solutions make it easier for our clients to do things easily on their schedule.

The services we offer include:

  • Email Blasts, Community Portals, and Homeowner App
  • Web based covenants enforcement software
  • Electronic ARC Application Processing
  • Paperless Accounts Payable 24/7 Access & Transparency
  • Electronic pool passes
  • Action item tracking & collaboration

We’re comprised of well-trained, experienced professionals who care about the communities we serve.

Our team boasts decades of experience in community management. We work hard in order to meet our clients goals, address challenges, and leverage opportunities with our core competencies.

Unlike most community management companies, we are family owned — that means we take personal pride in taking care of clients within the Cardinal family.

All in all, we make our client's life easier!

We realize every community is unique with their own goals, challenges and priorities. We customize our approach to fit the needs and expectations of your community.

Not only do we offer peace of mind management solutions, leadership & professional guidance, but our services and cutting edge technology makes it easier for our clients to get things done how they want, when they want.


Here's what our clients are actually saying!

Southbridge on the Potomac

Current Board Member
“We’ve relied on Cardinal for two decades, that speaks volumes about the levels of trust and confidence we have in them. They continue to provide outstanding customer service and support for our community.”

Cardinal Forest

Current Board Member
"Cardinal Management Group is highly ethical and transparent. The honesty and local feel of this company sets it way apart from others."

Westbrook Court

Current Board President
“Cardinal Management Group not only met our needs, they have far exceeded all of our expectations. Their knowledge of a community’s daily activities, weekly and monthly schedules is surpassed by none.”

The Grove at Huntley Meadows

Former Board President
"Cardinal was the third management company our HOA had used since its inception, and once we found Cardinal, we’ve stayed with them. Three words that best describe CMG, “responsive, reliable and diligent"

Spectrum Condominium

Current Board President
"Our portfolio and onsite manager are both the consummate professionals. This has never been more clear than their contributions during the COVID-19 emergency. They have executed flawlessly. We are fortunate to have this team!"

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We just need a little information from you and one of our representatives will be in touch!

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