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Owner Spotlight: Don Mazzei

Get to Know our Owners

Cardinal was founded in 1987 by brothers Thomas and Don Mazzei and ever since, through their vision and leadership, Cardinal has been committed to delivering outstanding community management services to clients throughout the DMV region and Naples Florida area. At Cardinal, we pride ourselves on being a local company – our owners live right here in the DMV and our Executives are all Northern Virginia natives. Our local ownership invokes a sense of home and with that feeling there’s a sense of family. At Cardinal, our company is one big family and we want you to get to know our family!

To that end, today, we spotlight owner and COO Don Mazzei, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®. Get to know his inspiration for starting the company, where the name Cardinal comes from, what sets Cardinal apart from the competition and some interesting tidbits you probably never knew about Don!

What was your inspiration for starting Cardinal Management Group?

As a result of working in the industry, we realized there was a better way to manage properties. So, using our experience, we formulated a philosophy that has been the basis of Cardinal Management Group.

Where did the company name come from?

Many factors were considered; such as the name of the community we were working at the time, the state bird, and if there were any other companies listed in the yellow pages at that time with the same name.

How old were you when you started/joined the company?

I was 31.

The company has been in business for a very successful 33 years, what is your vision for the new decade?

More success, growth and development.

What do you believe sets Cardinal apart from the competition?

We have a different approach to property management than our competition. We manage differently than other companies because we are partners in the success of our clients associations and/or their businesses.  Among consideration, all types of community associations are businesses and should be run as such.

What is one of the most memorable or monumental moments of your career at Cardinal?

The first memorable moment was when we signed the contract with our first community and one of the most monumental moments was when we celebrated our 10th year in business.

What is one funny or interesting fact about you that many may not know?

I guess one of the funniest facts is my nickname growing up. I was called “chops” because I had side burns when I was twelve.  An interesting fact is at one time I wanted to be a Forest Ranger aka “smoky the bear”.