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Get to Know Portfolio Manager and Education Director Cynthia du Busc

Portfolio Manager and Education Director Cynthia du Busc, CMCA, AMS, just completed her first year with Cardinal Management Group, Inc. in December, but in that time, she’s already had a massive impact on our team.

What responsibilities does Cynthia have with these two distinct job titles, and what advice does she have for those looking to enter the community management industry? Read on to find out.

What do some of your primary responsibilities include?

As a portfolio manager, I work directly with HOA and community association boards. Much of my work revolves around helping them to maintain property values, keep common elements in safe and attractive conditions, and use their financial assets more effectively to enhance their community.

As the education director, I collaborate with team members to create learning opportunities that will help them excel in roles — both in terms of their current positions and in their careers in the future.

What do you find most rewarding about your position?

Whether we’re talking about my position as a portfolio manager or an education director, I find it very rewarding to help people achieve success by providing guidance as well as creating learning opportunities.

Seeing a previously contentious and unproductive board evolve and begin working towards better financial management offers great satisfaction to me. In that same vein, I always love seeing my teammates obtain industry credentials or gain a new skill set to take on new opportunities.

What originally drew you to Cardinal Management Group, Inc. as a company?

I’ve worked in the government contracting and corporate sectors, but I found that working with privately owned, enterprising companies like this allows for greater innovation and learning. This gives us the chance to adapt to industry changes quickly, and it provides portfolio managers the autonomy to be more creative in solving our clients’ problems.

What’s most incredible about Cardinal Management Group is that it’s grown to be the big company that it is today, but you can still feel the entrepreneurial energy and drive from our team every single day.

Have any tips for someone looking to get into the community management industry?

You can have every credential available, deliver flawless budgets, and bring projects to completion under tight deadlines every time — but that still won’t guarantee that you’ll be a good manager.

Effective managers know that building an excellent working relationship with board members and homeowners is what ultimately leads to positive results. Always strive to deliver the best product, but never forget that the way you treat people — with respect, professionalism and kindness — will make the biggest difference. Don’t hesitate to give guidance or make hard decisions, but always do it with the highest regard for the client in mind.

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