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Executive Spotlight: Victoria Garner

Get to Know Our Executives

A top notch leadership team sets a good example for the rest of the organization to follow. We truly believe we have the best employees at Cardinal both in terms of their experience and expertise. We understand the credit goes to our talented team but we also recognize the leadership and dedication from our executive team stands out above the competition. To that end, we'd like to recognize team.

Today, get to know our Executive Vice President, Victoria Garner, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®.

How long have you lived in Virginia?

I am a Northern Virginia native, born and raised in Prince William County. Both of my parents were also born and raised right here as well. 

How long have you been with Cardinal? Tell us about your role and primary responsibilities.

I joined Cardinal Management Group, Inc., in 2008. I was in my early twenties, newly married, and expecting the arrival of my first (and only☺) child. When arriving to Cardinal I brought only a few short years of experience in the industry with me, but had worked in a variety of positions to include, but not limited to, administrative assistant and resale coordinator. Over the past twelve years, as I have grown and matured with this terrific company, I have had the opportunity to further my career for which I am extremely grateful. Cardinal has not only provided me an opportunity to provide for my family, but the owners and leaders have become my family. Today, I am proud to be the Executive Vice President serving our clients in all aspects of client satisfaction and assisting those in search for the perfect management company as the face of business development.

Describe what you feel makes Cardinal an industry leader and a great place to work.

Throughout my adult career, I have only worked for family owned businesses. I truly believe that in our industry, where we are caring for people’s most prized assets, their homes, only the right sized company with roots in the local community can truly be effective. Cardinal’s ownership has dedicated more than thirty years to providing proactive, hands-on management to the communities we serve, creating tailored management solutions that fit the needs of each individual community. They have instilled a set of beliefs and ethics in each of us that does not just provide a service, but creates true, long-lasting partnerships. When working for or being serviced by a family business, you are never just a number, you are family! As I shared above, I am a mother, and the ownership at Cardinal has allowed me to balance being a working professional and mother as work/life balance is encouraged. For these reasons, I am passionate…there is no better place to work than Cardinal Management Group.

Being in a position of leadership, describe how you keep employees motivated and focused on Cardinal’s goals of delivering outstanding service?

If you ask anyone, they will probably tell you I am a little cheesy. I like to keep it fun and a little light, while staying focused on delivering on our promises to our clients. I like to motivate people by making them a part of the solution and being transparent about our goals and efforts, while implementing fun training strategies. Our industry can oftentimes be enormously stressful and sometimes filled with negativity. I like to bring some light heartedness to the office when possible. I also believe in being there for my team. I would not ask them to do anything I have not done myself and want to lend a helping hand when I can. At Cardinal, we are a team!

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

Many of us who have been in the business for years, stumbled upon it, but today, it is a sought after industry with stringent laws and restrictions requiring strenuous education. I recently interviewed a gentleman from the apartment rental industry who was looking to break into community association management. My recommendation to him was to pursue CAI’s PDMP courses, starting with the M100 course. Obtaining the minimum, CMCA designation is a great way to be recognized as someone dedicated to the field and having the basic knowledge to provide professional management services.

Is there one thing the public should know about Cardinal that perhaps they'll never guess?

After 30+ years, Tom and Don Mazzei, our owners, are actively involved in the company still today. They are hands-on and readily available to our clients without any “red tape”.

What is something you love about Northern Virginia?

It’s home! From time to time, my mind may wonder a bit and consider what it would be like to live in another state, but then I think I would miss being so close to the city and mountains all at the same time. Or with just a short day drive, can make it to the beach. And, while some think of our area as a hustling, busy suburb of the DC, I can still see remnants of a small town feel that brings a special sense of pride. I value those small family restaurants, local old town shops, and knowing my neighbors.