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Executive Spotlight: Terry McGuire

Get to Know Our Executives

A top notch leadership team sets a good example for the rest of the organization to follow. We truly believe we have the best employees at Cardinal both in terms of their experience and expertise. We understand the credit goes to our talented team but we also recognize the leadership and dedication from our executive team stands out above the competition. To that end, we'd like to recognize team.

Today, get to know our Senior Vice President, Terry McGuire, CMCA®, AMS®.

How long have you been with Cardinal? Tell us about your role and primary responsibilities.

I originally worked for a large association as General Manager for about 15 months and then on September 1, 1992 became a Portfolio Manager with Cardinal Management Group, Inc. and opened the company’s satellite office in Fairfax, Virginia located in Penderbrook Community Association. My focus since 2006 has been on managing our portfolio of developing communities in Maryland. Recently, as part ofCardinal’s continued dedication to specialized management services, I was named Senior Vice President, Developer Division. I am excited to further partner with our developers and home builder professionals and the communities in which we mutually serve to provide superior customer service and best practices.

Describe what you feel makes Cardinal an industry leader and a great place to work.

I first became aware of the company as Board member of a transitioning property and my due diligence on the company’s background and reputation were what led to the decision to hire Cardinal for that community.  When I later began working for the company it was mainly that reputation and the relationship I developed with the CEO that brought me to that decision. It has been a family environment ever since.  Having the owners in the building and involved is what still draws people into our company three decades later.  

Being in a position of leadership, describe how you keep employees motivated and focused on Cardinal’s goals of delivering outstanding service (looking for     leadership qualities that employees can look up to)

Cardinal’s expanding & exclusive training program is assisting us all in developing & nurturing talented managers& team members. When onboarding anew team member we help them become “Cardinal people” and teach them “TheCardinal Way” that has worked since the founding by the owners. It is important to help managers be successful and stay in touch with them and the clients in a quality control program that keeps everyone moving toward the same goal-excellent service and“Managing to Make a Difference”.

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

At its core, it is property management and those who may have apartment management, real estate experience, or perhaps even homeowner volunteer involvement may have an inside track to be successful. But, really what it takes is commitment to excellence in serving homeowners. Customer service is really what we do.

Is there one thing the public should know about Cardinal that perhaps they'll never guess?

We’re still a family-owned company with owners who have open doors. This is very special since that is not all that common these days.

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

A commitment to customer service and developing a strong team dynamic are crucial skills for anyone looking to get into community management.