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employee spotlight kimberly miller

Get to Know Our Employees

At Cardinal we believe we have the most well-trained, experienced professionals that care about the communities they serve. Each month we’ll feature one of our awesome team members in our Employee Spotlight.

Today, get to know Kimberly Miller, Portfolio Manager.

Tell us about your role and your primary responsibilities.

My role as Portfolio Manager is to ensure that each resident and board member is treated with respect, fairness, and all are upholding the governing documents for their association.  And, to continue to increase property values with stellar aesthetics, building the community, and upholding all facets of the fiduciary responsibilities entrusted to me.

How did you first learn about Cardinal and how did that impact your desire to want to work here?

I had known about Cardinal from their excellent reputation preceding itself, but the referral from my vendor relationships at Shenandoah sealed the deal.  After speaking with several of their team members and owners, I felt very confident that Cardinal was where I wanted to be!

Cardinal is a family-oriented company. How does working here allow you to balance your career and family life?

Room to breathe! There are many companies out there that expect you to work every minute of each day. Cardinal is different. We are allowed to be human, and to be a parent when our child needs us. That has been vital since the pandemic and I could not have balanced being a working mom without the trust the executive and leadership teams have given me.  I am able to work remotely with the tools provided to me and still teach my daughter when she was released from school.  The balance makes it all possible!

What do you find most challenging about your role/position?

I am a manager that believes every correspondence deserves a response by the close of business each day. Due to that belief, when pressed for time, I find it hardest to meet that expectation. I am able to get it done most days, but that tends to be the most challenging.

How has Cardinal helped you with your career development and name three career lessons you’ve learned thus far?

Cardinal has helped push me to obtain my certifications and supplied me with the means to do so. The previous organizations I worked for did not set this as a goal for me or the company. I have learned a family run business can be truly that – family. Without teamwork and the support of others we won't get far. You are only ever as good as those you surround yourself with and I have learned the value in leaders holding to their word.

Name one fun or unlikely thing people may not know about Cardinal but should.

Cardinal allows us to create our own individual work spaces! Most companies are cookie cutter, but not Cardinal!  We work inside the lines and boxes of rules and regulations every single day. Cardinal allows us to decorate our space and be comfortable in our own setting. It makes the trip to the office so much more fun when you can learn about people, their style, the things that make them smile, family pictures and more!

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

Take your time, go on a bunch of interviews, and really learn about the sector of real estate you want to grow.  Each facet of real estate management is so different. From apartments, commercial and retail to managing an HOA or condo – each side of real estate can make you or break you. Learn what you love, test the waters, and find where you feel the greatest source of passion. Find a firm, a culture, and a place you can believe in.  A place where you are proud to wear the logo. Then you will have found where you are supposed to be. When you are there, even the hardest associations won't feel so hard.