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Cardinal Team Player of the Month: Marcus Chacon

Tell us about your role and your primary responsibilities:

I am the Accounting Office Manager. My main role is to make sure my department is taken care of and they have everything they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. I also do a bit of morale boosting here and there to keep things peachy­­-- especially during these current times.

How did you first learn about Cardinal and how did that impact your desire to want to work here:

Once upon a time there was a little 6 year old me running around our first office in Cardinal Forest, 20 years later there is a 26 year old me running around our corporate office. Cardinal has been a part of my life forever. My father once worked at Cardinal and I would frequently visit the office and Cardinal Team. Cardinal Management Group knew me before I was even born. It’s the other Cardinals that impacted me and gave me the desire to carry on the mission of “Managing to Make a Difference”…

What do you find most challenging about your role/position:

The biggest challenge I face is not saying no. Yes, saying no! I love being able to help someone and being that helping hand/ear.

What do you find most rewarding about your position:

The most rewarding part of my position is seeing all the smiles and hearing the sheer joy in someone’s voice.

How has Cardinal helped you with your career development and name three career lessons you’ve learned thus far:

1. The first and best lesson is that hard work for sure pays off!

2. My most recent career lesson has been transitioning into office management. I love it so much and keep learning so much in office management. My career knowledge has blown up so much since being promoted to Accounting Office Manager.

3. My favorite career lesson is time management. Without that I would be so lost. I do have to thank my Director of Accounting for teaching me that vital lesson. Time management has really been helping me succeed.

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry:

If you’re looking for fast pace and the ability of growing in many different professional ways, community management is the way to go. There are so many different areas of expertise in this ever growing industry.