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I want to thank all of you for your support and help in the last year in turning Emerald Beach around. No matter how hard the board worked or what their goals were, we would have never been able to achieve it without your great attitudes, your laughs, and your smiles, and your willingness to buy into our goals. Everyone is so excited to go forward with our new plan to renovate this whole building. HOA President

“Since Cardinal took over the management of [our community]… the improvements in both the property and the overall management have been greatly improved. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Cardinal Management Group, Inc., to others needing high quality property management. Again, thanks for a great job.”

Homeowner, Former Board Member

“Cardinal Management Group has single-handedly moved our Association from essentially self-management to an efficient and productive community association exceeded our expectations for prompt, professional, and reliable service...”

HOA President

“In today’s world of indifferent service, it is certainly refreshing and reassuring to know that a management company of this stature is representing our community.”


“I had owned several condominium properties that were going nowhere. When your company took over management at these communities, the properties appreciated substantially in a relatively short period of time.”

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“…there will be a decrease of approximately 5% in the condominium assessment...this decrease is mainly due to the aggressive and prudent management recommendations by Cardinal Management Group.”

HOA Treasurer

“... I am personally and professionally encouraged by the qualifications that CMG brings to the management of [our community].  Your qualifications in the structural aspects of buildings, site and facility engineering, site rehabilitation, landscape and grounds management, and environmental issues combined with your extensive experience in community management issues is reassuring.”

HOA Secretary

My wife and I want senior management at the Cardinal Management Group to know that you have a gem in [our Site Manager]. We recently completely restored and sold one of our units in [our community] where [she] is your on-site property management after a tenant completely trashed that unit. This was a major undertaking that went much easier because of the little things [she] did to ease the process. Without her "can do" attitude it would have taken much longer for this transformation to take place. The end result was a win-win. The [community] now has a beautiful restored unit and an additional resident occupied unit in place of a unit that was causing problems for its neighbors and pulling the building down. We, in turn, are relieved of a major headache.
We owned this unit for almost 20 years and I am quite certain that no one previously in [her] position would have done all the little things that allowed us to do the right thing. We also greatly appreciate the many other things she has done to change [our community] from a dodgy older property to one that makes Cardinal Management look good. I hope your company understands that you have a special employee at [our community] and will give [her] the support she needs to continue her good work.