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Thank you for requesting information on obtaining Resale Disclosure Packets from Cardinal Management Group, Inc.

As you are probably aware, most states require some form of disclosure at the time of a sale.

The law has changed in the Commonwealth of Virginia with respect to the production, dissemination and cost of Resale Disclosure Packets. The purpose of this page is to provide any interested party with the information necessary to request and obtain these mandatory packets.

A Seller is no longer required to pay in advance for Resale Disclosures. Although the requesting party may choose to pay in advance, it cannot be required. The fees associated with the Resale Disclosure are now considered “transaction-based” fees. In other words, although the charge is incurred at the time the Resale Disclosure is ordered, it will not be collected until settlement of the transaction. If the transaction does not close within 90 days of the date of the request, the applicable fee will be assessed to the account of the property owner who requested the production of the disclosure packet.

In general, the Seller or their authorized agent must request the Resale Disclosure. Under the previous law, the packet was to be delivered to the Seller. Under the new law, the packet is to be delivered in accordance with the written instructions of the Seller, which may include delivery to the purchaser.

The new law stipulates that the seller can request the Resale Disclosure in either hard copy or electronic form. If requested in electronic form, the Seller may designate up to 2 additional recipients at no additional charge. Processing time allowed remains at up to 14 days from the date of delivery unless a “rush” is requested, for which additional fees are levied.

There are no changes for our clients in Maryland, West Virginia and Florida.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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Cardinal Management Group, Inc. has partnered with HomeWiseDocs for the preparation and distribution of Resale Disclosure Packages as well as questionnaires and other documents.

In general our fees are as follows:*

  • $175.50 for Preparation/Delivery of packet in paper format for up to two copies
  • $146.50 for Preparation/Delivery of packet in electronic format for original & up to two additional recipients
  • $117.00 for Exterior Lot/Unit Inspection(if required and most ARE required)
  • $58.50 for “Expedited Inspection” (5 business days or less turn around) Additional hard copy packets may also be ordered for $29.00 per set

The actual costs of delivery (via FedEx, USPS, etc.) will also be charged

There is an “Update Fee” of $58.50 for any full or financial update to the packet

There is a “Post Closing Fee” in the amount of $58.50 also collected at settlement, for all client communities.*

For more information or to order direct, please click where indicated.

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