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Executive Spotlight: Tom Markell

Get to Know Our Executives

A top notch leadership team sets a good example for the rest of the organization to follow. We truly believe we have the best employees at Cardinal both in terms of their experience and expertise. We understand the credit goes to our talented team but we also recognize the leadership and dedication from our executive team stands out above the competition. To that end, we'd like to recognize team.

Today, get to know our Vice President, High Rise Division, Tom Markell, CMCA®, AMS®. PCAM®.

How long have you been with Cardinal? Tell us about your role and primary responsibilities.

In September I will be celebrating my 16th anniversary at Cardinal Management Group. During my time at Cardinal, I have had vast experience in all aspects of community management. Currently, my primary responsibilities include the management of several high-rise condominium buildings and the associated staff, business development, and a leadership role in the company.

Describe what you feel makes Cardinal an industry leader and a great place to work.

Cardinal has created a culture and support structure where employees are constantly learning and are able to perform at the highest level. A great company begins with the employees. As a result of this approach, we are at the top of our industry and our clients receive the service and value they deserve.

Being in a position of leadership, describe how you keep employees motivated and focused on Cardinal’s goals of delivering outstanding service.

I find that truly being available to our team members is integral to the motivation, focus and success of our company. Communication is key, but the availability I describe is so much more than that. Being a leader that can share experience, provide support and maintain a positive attitude elevates the entire team. An open mind and the ability to listen fosters the Cardinal culture where all are considered a part of something bigger, the Cardinal Family. Together and through this, we are able to accomplish the goals of the company and deliver outstanding service to our partners in community management.

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

Buckle up! Community management is a fast paced and ever changing industry. If you thrive in a challenging environment, have the desire to always develop and expand your knowledge base and skillset, and prioritize the highest level of customer service, you will find community management extremely rewarding and this is the career for you.

Is there one thing the public should know about Cardinal that perhaps they'll never guess?

The public should know that Cardinal is locally owned and operated. Our owners, Thomas and Don Mazzei, both maintain offices at our corporate headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia and remain engaged in the daily management of our client communities. Our entire accounting staff is also based locally out of the Woodbridge office. This is rare, if not unheard of, in our industry. This hands on approach, accessibility and presence in the Northern Virginia community at large make Cardinal a superior choice for partnership in the management needs of your community associations.

Fun Fact about you.

I recently placed 3rd in a local archery competition with over 20 participants. I also enjoy all aspects of the outdoors including hiking and camping. In the near future, I hope to accomplish a hike known as the Virginia Triple Crown that includes three of the most scenic points in Virginia.