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Employee Spotlight: Nausheen Ahmed

Get to Know Our Employees

At Cardinal we believe we have the most well-trained, experienced professionals that care about the communities they serve. Each month we’ll feature one of our awesome team members in our Employee Spotlight.

Today, get to know Nausheen Ahmed, Reserve Account Coordinator.

Tell us about your role and your primary responsibilities.

My name is Nausheen Ahmed and I am the Reserve Account Coordinator at Cardinal Management Group, Inc.  My primary role is to oversee our client’s investment accounts and serve as a liaison between financial institutions, the board members, and the property managers. I coordinate investment transactions requested by authorized individuals, keep necessary individuals apprised of upcoming maturity dates, and provide assistance when a change in signature authority is necessary on any investment account.  Additionally, I work closely with the accounting team to monitor cash flow in our client’s operating account by staying on top of reserve expenditures and reimbursing the operating accounts on a bi-monthly basis. This work ensures that theAssociation has sufficient funds at all times as well as funds for any major projects.

What about your position do you find most rewarding?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is whenever I get the opportunity to witness a customer‘s satisfaction after I have provided a service to them.  My customer could be another manager within Cardinal Management Group, Board member requesting information, and external property managers. Being able to witness their satisfaction (be it in a conversation over the phone or in-person), is the most satisfying feeling for me.

Cardinal has a reputation of delivering outstanding service and caring about the communities they serve. Would you agree with that reputation and if so, can you give us an example of when you felt you went above and beyond in your role?

I absolutely agree and wholeheartedly support Cardinal Management Group’s willingness to serve and care for the communities we serve. In my position, I am required to go above and beyond with each client to assure their personal and professional information shared with me is not only vital but also keeping it confidential is my utmost responsibility.  Assuring that their financial requests are fully complete and they are provided the information they require to perform their duty as a Board member.

What about Cardinal made you decide to join the team?

It was my first meeting with my supervisor, Katie Phillips, that made me join the Cardinal Management team.  I believe a caring supervisor/team lead is the key to having a happy team and it was Katie’s pleasant personality that did it for me.  And almost four years later, I still feel the same excitement to be working with her.  

Name one fun or unlikely thing people may not know about Cardinal but should.

I am pretty sure everyone knows Cardinal Management Group is a family-oriented workplace that treats its employees as a family. I was able to witness it first-hand two years ago when a co-worker lost their close family member and the entire corporate office came together to support her.  That close-knit support experience made me feel even more proud to be working with such a great organization.

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

I didn’t have any experience or knowledge of what property management does more than just collect Association fees. After working at Cardinal Management Group for the past four years in the positions of Cash Manager, as an Accounts Receivable Representative for a year, and now fully focusing on my role as Reserve Account Coordinator, it gave me a wide variety and insight into what this industry is all about! There is much more we offer to our communities as well as to the employees to be successful. Anyone that wants to learn more about the community management industry as a career, I will recommend them to look no further than Cardinal Management Group. They are most definitely a family-oriented corporation but most of all there is so much to learn here from a wide variety of experienced team members as well as extremely professional executives!