4 Low-Cost Spring Event Ideas for HOAs and Community Associations

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Although the primary responsibility of HOAs and community associations is to oversee the shared spaces and assets in a community, associations also play a major role in building a community that people can be proud to be a part of. Doing so limits conflict and improves resident satisfaction, which is key to making your job easier and more enjoyable.

One of the best ways to build a community that people love calling home is by regularly hosting association-sponsored events that bring residents together. With limited time and resources, you might not think you have the bandwidth to handle such undertakings; however, we’ve got four ideas that won’t break the bank and aren’t that difficult to put together this spring:

Community Yard Sale

When we think of spring, we think of things starting anew. That’s why spring and cleaning house often go hand-in-hand.

Get your residents’ spring cleaning efforts off to a great start by planning out a community yard sale. Pick an appropriate location — any central location such as a clubhouse, park, cul-de-sac, etc., will do — and select a date far enough in advance to give participants enough time to get everything together they want to sell. From there, simply reach out to residents and determine how many (if any) tables you’ll need to rent.

This gives residents a free, easy alternative to having to pay to be a part of a flea market or put on their own yard sale, and it’s a fantastic way to build relationships between residents and their board members.

Neighborhood Grill-Off

As the weather starts to warm up just a bit, you’ll probably have a few neighbors who are just itching to break out the grill again. Indulge their anticipation by planning a neighborhood grill-off that puts the title of “Grillmaster” on the line. Give residents the chance to taste and vote on all the entries and offer a gift card or some grilling swag to whoever gets the most votes.

For communities that don’t have a grill-heavy audience or don’t allow grills altogether, just remember that chili never goes out of season, and the same concept applies perfectly.

Planting Flowers and Trees as a Community

The benefits of surrounding yourself with flowers and plants inside and outside of the home are well known, and spring is really when everything starts coming into full bloom. A great way to get your neighbors involved in helping to create a more colorful and vibrant community is by bringing them out to plant in your community garden. 

Don’t have a garden? No problem. Think about where you could liven up green spaces in your community and do it as a group. And if your community’s landscaping crew already has that covered, you can host a fun event that involves decorating flower pots, gardening tips and distributing seeds that will start to bloom as spring turns to summer.

Even if you’re in a community without any real green space, you can still share the wealth of the season by providing potted plants or flowers that people can enjoy in their homes or on their balconies.

Community Bonfire

As nights turn from frigid to pleasantly cool, few things are more enjoyable than gathering around a warm fire with friends and neighbors. This one obviously only applies to communities that have the necessary facilities to handle a bonfire, but for those that do, it’s an especially easy way to bring together residents for a relaxing night of socializing.

Grab the ingredients you need for s’mores and ask residents to bring their own chairs or blankets, and you’ve got the making of an inexpensive event that accomplishes the main goal of building community relationships.

Need more help planning an event in your community? Get in touch with the experts at Cardinal Management Group, Inc. today, and we’ll help you manage every aspect of your community with confidence.

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