5 Resolutions Every HOA or Condo Association Should Make for the New Year

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This time of year is all about resolutions. And just as countless people set goals for the new year, so too should homeowner associations and condo associations. What kind of resolutions should your community association be making this year? Read on to find out.

Start Setting Reasonable Goals for Your Association

Every community hopes to improve something about their community every year. Some have bigger goals than others, but just as setting a goal to lose 50 pounds in a week probably isn’t realistic, setting a goal to make significant changes in your community or even just overhauling your association’s processes isn’t likely to happen right away. And nothing yields more frustration from association members than differing perceptions about when something should be done.

Regardless of what goals you’re setting for your association in 2020, be realistic about how quickly you think your community can accomplish it. From there, prioritize your most important goals and tasks and then write everything out so that everyone is on the same page going forward.

Be as Transparent as Possible

Make 2020 the year you go from reactive to proactive. The best way to accomplish this is through open, transparent communication with all of your community’s residents and association board members.

Depending on your community, there are several ways you could go about this:

  • Give your residents a chance to get to know the association board members. This can be accomplished as a simple email from your board members or as involved as going from door to door to introduce yourself.
  • Setting a consistent schedule and providing an e-newsletter for your community so that everyone is kept in the loop about what’s happening.
  • Making an active push to involve more people in your association meetings. Many times, residents miss or choose not to come to meetings because they don’t know about them or they’re inconveniently scheduled. Make a point to schedule your meetings on days and at times that will work for as many people as possible.

Ultimately, what you’re trying to accomplish with improved transparency is clearer expectations about what your association is doing and, as a result, reducing the chance of conflict. When people feel more involved and informed, they’re less likely to rely on their first-instinct emotions and more likely to think about issues or concerns rationally.

Be a Better Manager of Your Community’s Budget

Every new year, a popular resolution people make is to manage their money better than the year before. HOAs and condo associations should be no different because there’s always room for improvement.

Too often, however, we see associations rely on anecdotal feedback rather than data-driven analysis to decide what makes the most sense for their community’s budget. Now is the time to take a hard look at your books as a group to determine if there any projects or vendors that should be reconsidered or renegotiated going forward.

Live by Your Governing Documents

Every now and then, community associations can get a little bit too lax with their governing documents and community policies. A new year is a great opportunity to refocus yourself to make sure everyone who calls your community home knows what’s acceptable and what’s not and then commit your association to enforce policies evenly and fairly.

Focus Your Efforts Where It Matters

There’s no question that HOAs and condo associations have a difficult task. There’s a lot of work to be done — from enforcing rules and collecting dues to planning projects and managing vendors — with only limited amounts of time to do it all.

This is the year to make a resolution to focus your time and energy where it matters most: your residents. Of course, by focusing on more “big picture” items for your community, you’ll probably need some help with everything else. Fortunately, we’ve been helping communities just like yours for decades, and our team is ready to help you make all your resolutions a reality in the new year.

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