5 Benefits of Living in a Neighborhood with a Community Association

Flyover Photo of HOA-Style Neighborhood

A community’s homeowners association (HOA) or community association can be a make-or-break element of a potential homeowner’s decision to call a neighborhood home. Why? It’s usually because a community association means they’ll be paying extra on a yearly or even quarterly basis, plus they’ll have to abide by a set of rules while they live there.

But even with the potential for added cost and oversight, many people embrace the community association structure in their community. Here are five of the most common reasons why:

Maintained Amenities

In neighborhoods that have extras like sports courts, parks, pools, clubhouses or trails, the association is most often the group that’s in charge of ensuring that these amenities are ready for everyone to use. The fees an association collects from residents often go to paying for things like basketball court resurfacing, trail maintenance, pool cleaning, clubhouse utilization, etc.

With an association, residents know that the things that made them fall in love with the neighborhood in the first place will always be taken care of without having to make significant time investments themselves.

Property Value Protection

Have you ever driven past a beautiful home only to find that the next door neighbor’s home is taking away all the attention with overgrown grass, an ugly paint color or unsightly exterior finishes? Community associations work diligently to ensure that doesn’t happen in their neighborhoods.

Because community associations set and enforce rules that determine things like a home’s lawn care requirements, decorating restrictions and appearance standards, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their neighbors can’t do much to damage property value.  

Established (and Enforced) Community Standards

Speaking of standards, the community association is the body that’s in charge of setting community rules and expectations for every homeowner. Whether it’s eliminating inconvenient parking situations or simply maintaining guidelines for how late people can be out on the tennis court, the association is responsible for ensuring everyone can enjoy their home by preserving the standard of living in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Beautification

Although not every neighborhood is going to have substantial parks or green spaces, it’s generally the community association’s responsibility to keep shared spaces looking good. From mowing the grass to power washing sidewalks, those associations are there to keep the place people call home looking beautiful. 

Empowering Residents

A simple fact about in a neighborhood with other people is that disputes can happen. These situations can range from simple discrepancies about property lines to stressful situations when someone is being loud or inconsiderate. Fortunately, for those who live in a neighborhood with a community association, disputes don’t have to become awkward interactions because they can act as a mediator or arbiter.

Moreover, these associations are boards or committees comprised of actual residents, so they’re conducive to homeowner feedback, suggestions and requests. So if you have an idea that you want your neighborhood to consider, a community association meeting is a great place to start.

Want to learn more about the benefits of (and things to consider about) living in a community with a homeowners association or community association? Check out this great article from Realtor.com.

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