Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall somewhere between Virginia and the Carolinas later this week. While the exact track of the storm is unknown, it is possible that the D.C. Metro area will experience heavy rain, flash flooding and high winds sometime this week.  Residents should heed caution as the Governor of Virginia has already declared a state of emergency.

In preparation, residents should remove any objects from exterior areas which could be moved by potential high force winds. This includes patio/balcony furniture, grills, bikes, potted plants, garden art, etc. – ANY OBJECT that could be damaged or cause property damage.

Based on the severity of the storm, it is possible that trash and recycling pickup, other contracted services and appointments you may have scheduled with your Association may be cancelled or delayed.  There is also the potential for downed trees. In the event that there is tree damage on the common area or on your property, please contact the Association immediately.

For power outages, you should contact your power company directly to report your disruptions in service. You should anticipate disruptions in power during and after the storm.

If you need to report a maintenance emergency, please contact your Association.  A maintenance emergency is defined as a fire, flood, major leak, sewer backup, or downed tree.

Visit the following sites for more useful information as to how to prepare for a major weather event:           

Visit the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for updated storm tracking:

Thank you and please stay safe!

Hurrican Florence

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